My main role in the second prototype was to design the base 3D Models for the characters within the developing game. This base model will be later used to design complete characters that the main player will interact with.
Taking this prototype on, I researched many techniques regarding creating human models. After researching, I went ahead to design my own model using the techniques that I had learned. This prototype broke the boundaries of what I had already known in 3D Modeling, unrelated to designing mobile models. Throughout this prototype process, I learned important of subjects such as topology, symmetry, character rigging, skin weights, and reference imagery.
The main focus point regarding creating a base model that has the capability of being modeled and manipulated is with correct topology throughout the figure. Here are examples of the topology faces I created throughout the figure regarding topology in the face, body, and hands.
Beyond perfecting the topology of the model, is creating a realistic smooth sculpture of the model. The smooth bodily structure is still a work in progress, and will be continued to work on in upcoming Prototypes.
One new feature that was able to be created from the base model was first-person arms for the player's camera. I took the arms and hands from the base model, and sculpted them to create a more masculine look for the player's own hands. After sculpting them, I rigged them to be eventually placed into our game. Throughout this creation process, I was able to gain knowledge regarding rigging and skin weights regarding the model.
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