Windows and Mac
Unity Engine
23-24' MICA Semester(s)
Tools Used:
Unity, Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop
Team Size:
Game Design, Environmental Design, Prop Design, Graphic Design, UI Design

REDLINE is a narrative horror game set in a metro haunted by the player’s past actions. Players embark on a journey that takes them into the mind of a person consumed by their past failures. It is an emotionally charged, atmospheric experience that delves into the complexities of remorse and regret.
Throughout REDLINE, the player must move from light source to light source, avoiding the dark. The dark causes the player to experience overwhelming panic caused by memories of their past. If they spend too much time with these memories, the player blacks out and resets their progress. Players must find a way to navigate obstacles within the metro, forcing them inevitably to confront their past.
Resentment: The player should dislike the husband and find his actions unforgivable despite his remorse.
Empathy: The player should empathize with the wife’s desperation.
Fear: The player should feel on edge while navigating the metro finding the dark uncomfortable.
Narrative Impact
The player plays the husband as he tries to escape the memories of his past. Feeling deep regret for his actions during his marriage, the main character is experiences flashbacks from his past marriage throughout the game. Repetitive visual and audible representations of these memories are used to overwhelm the player simulating his past memories.
Environmental Control
The player must move throughout the environment to not become overwhelmed by their past memories. Light is used throughout this game to signify safe havens where players are safe from becoming overwhelmed. By following save haven points, the environment controls the player's movement.
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