Level Design Role:
Environmental Level Design, Level One Design
Unity Engine
4 Weeks
Tools Used:
UnityUnity Pro-Builder, Photoshop
Team Size:
Rewind is a single-player 3D platformer that confines the player within an ever-changing environment. The space around the player is influenced by their movement, forcing them to understand their surroundings to progress.
The player finds themselves tossed in a time loop inside of a strange megastructure and after failing to reach the exit at the start of the game. After falling to the bottom of the structure, they must find a way back to the beginning as the environment collapses and changes around them.
Rewind consists of three levels, all with different variations. Level one requires jumping, level two requires sprinting and jumping, and level three requires interaction with trigger objects within space. Each level's exterior base is catered to suit each one of these level's dynamics.
Depending on the player's movement throughout the levels, the environment acts accordingly. Trigger areas are placed deliberately onto platforms throughout the levels that progress the player. These platforms either move up, down, or towards the player's destination. The player must be careful, as some platforms are fake out platforms to subside their progression.
To enhance the narrative, the player moves through the environment in a constant upwards motion. Upon ending the player once again falls down right back to where they began, hence "Rewind." The environment is catered to create this exact motion throughout all three levels.
Level One Design
Key Points
- Upon the end of the beginning cut scene, another cut scene triggers making the player believe they are falling into the space.
- Initial jump is the only obvious object you can interact with.
- The floor moving to kill the player doesn't start shifting until the second jump. 
- The killing floor doesn't move until the player is elevated.
- Every jump in the level is easy, and doesn't require sprinting.
- Upon ending the level, there is a resting floor that does not shift until jumping on the first level two jump.​​​​​​​

Level One Demo Reel

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