Rewind is a single-player 3D platformer that encapsulates the player within an ever-changing environment. The space around the player is influenced by their movement, forcing them to memorize their surroundings and adapt to progress.
Rewind was inspired by impossible spaces and the constant pressure of time. No matter how hard the player may try to escape, resetting is inevitable.
Rewind was Developed in 4 weeks as the Final Project for MICA’s Advanced 3D Game Design Class, showcasing everything we learned throughout the semester. Development for Rewind will not continue.
Personal Involvement for this project includes:
3D Modeling
Beginning Level Design
Cut Scene Development
Video Editing
Sound Design
Graphic Design & Advertisement​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

All 3D Modeling for this project was created using Unity’s Pro-Builder Extension. Pro-Builder was used for the ease of access of developing this video game in the short period of time.
The internal environment of Rewind was inspired by megastructures and impossible spaces. This inspiration was used to invoke the feeling of insignificance compared to the surrounding environment. 
The environment of the game uses primitive shapes to make up the space. Textures are simple and monotonous to create a monolithic environment. Fog creates intrigue, encouraging the player to climb higher to see what’s above.
There are 3 main “levels” created in Rewind.
The first level was used to teach players how to play the game, without holding their hand too much during the process.
Rewind was created for the audience intending to be frequent video game players. With this in mind, the first level was designed to make the player have to initially explore the area, and to have the opportunity to mess around with mechanics to understand the base controls.
To have this be plausible, the ability to die within the game is not prevalent until you reach the second high point in the first level, making sure the players have an understanding of the progression of the game.
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